This 3 screen, state of the art, classic movie theatre located in Wanaka is a real find. Comfy sofas, luxurious leather seating, an old Morris Minor or two, a cafe and bar serving delicious meals before, during or after the movie. Homemade ice cream, world-famous fresh hot cookies and a warm welcome from friendly staff. Loads of guides list the cinema as a “must do” when in Wanaka.  A truly a memorable movie experience!

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  • NZ Lonely Planet

    Deservedly one of Wanaka’s biggest attractions and just maybe a NZ National Treasure!

  • UK Guardian

    Halfway through, the film stopped and we had a short interval. Everyone went outside to the adjoining cafe and got freshly baked cookies (still warm), homemade ice cream or a beer and then settled back into their chairs. This is how all cinemas should be. It was more like being round someone’s house.