Our menu is based on wholesome, local ingredients made simply so you can focus on the "job in hand" - enjoying the movie!

You can have a meal before, during or after the film. If you wish to have a meal during the intermission please order before the session starts. We will prepare your meal as you are watching the movie and it will be ready for you when you come out. Intermission usually lasts about as long as it takes, occasionaly a little longer. If you do not have time to finish your meal just ask for a tray and take your meal back in to the theatre with you.

Our delicious treats, like fresh, hot cookies, our own home-made ice-cream and a selection of cakes and slices are served anytime at the counter.

We have Gluten Free options available on request for most menu items.

Cinema Paradiso fresh cookies.

All day menu

Light meals

Toasties available from the cabinet $6-$8
Savoury Rolls available from the cabinet $6-$8


Chicken wrap
Poached chicken and salad with a sweet chilli mayo
$ 14
Falafel wrap
Falafel and salad, topped with hummus and yoghurt
$ 14


Haloumi Salad
pan fried Haloumi with couscous, roasted vegetables, baby spinach, sun-dried tomaotes (add chicken - $2 extra)
$ 15
Seasonal Roast Vegeatable salad
warmed seasonal vegetables with quinoa /rice blend, baby spinach, feta and honey-mustard dressing
$ 15
Falafel salad pan fried falafel with coleslaw adn baby spinach, sesame oil and parmesan dressing $ 15
Baby Spinach and Coleslaw salad a side salad to have with any meal. Dressed in aioli and parmesan dressing $8.50


Our own home-made pizza base with a rich tomato sauce, mozarella cheese and your choice of topping.

Tomato and cheese classic
$ 18
Kids Fav
Ham and pineapple
$ 18
Poached chicken, brie and cranberry
$ 22
Chicken, bacon, satay sauce, sweet chilli, broccoli
$ 22
Chicken, pepperoni, caramalized onions, capsicum
$ 22
Meat Lovers
Lamb, salami, bacon, mushroom and onions
$ 22
Smoked Salmon
Smoked salmon, red onion, cream cheese and baby spinach
$ 22
Hot Shroom
Portabello mushroom with chilli flakes and jalapeños
$ 18
Vegetarian Baby spinach, roasted veges, sundried tomatoes and feta $ 22


Meaty Nachos Tortilla chips with lamb mince and black bean sauce, cheese and sour cream $ 18
Tortilla chips with black bean sauce, cheese and sour cream
$ 15
Homemade dips Homemade dips with toasted pita bread and marinated olives $ 15

Dinner menu

Available after 5pm

Pumpkin and fresh basil ravioli in a rich tomato sauce
$ 15
Moroccan lamb burger
Lamb burger with slaw and Romesco sauce
$ 16
Mixed bean burger
Vegetarian bean burger with green salad
$ 16